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Posted by surrey_sucks on 2009.03.04 at 23:09
Current Music: the news--the latest shooting
Is it me, or is the news getting pretty repetitive these days?

Snow, shooting, shooting, shooting, taser, shooting, olympics, shooting.

Simpsons-Homer annoyed
Posted by surrey_sucks on 2009.02.07 at 18:05
Current Mood: annoyedfed up
Current Music: the news
I am so sick of these fucking gang wars. Hopefully they kill each other off (and don't harm innocent people).

Posted by surrey_sucks on 2009.01.28 at 18:22
Hey guys, Vancouver has been deemed as "severely unaffordable"! Not just "unaffordable", but "severely unaffordable". And we rank #4 world-wide for "least affordable city". Go us!

empire kitty

Garbage and snow woes

Posted by galaxychild on 2009.01.08 at 21:17
Current Mood: rarrrrgh
Seriously, what is WITH people?

I live in North Burnaby on Capitol Hill, and it's all houses up here, no apartments. Generally, it's a pretty quiet neighborhood.

When there was tons of snow still out, our driveway was shoveled, along with our section of the street, so we could get out. Our side of the block doesn't have sidewalks. Some guy decided to park in FRONT of our driveway, blocking the passage of our car. We weren't going anywhere, but what if there was an emergency? The fucker didn't even leave a note.

I know you shouldn't leave shit lying around outside your house, but STILL. Someone stole the shovel that was leaning up against our house. We would have totally let him borrow it. He should have just taken it if he needed it, and brought it back. What the hell.

Wednesday morning, I put the recycling outside at 7am. I went back to sleep. When I left to go to work at around 2, the recycling collectors hadn't come (and probably still aren't coming), but some people stuck their plastic covered boxes into our mixed paper bag, and styrofoam inside our blue bin. Holy geez, can you just dump your own garbage in your own bins? If you're gonna use ours, at least put it in the right bag! I don't know who did it, but I'm just gonna randomly stuff a neighbor's bag with the stuff that isn't ours. It'll make me feel better.

I hate people.

bacteria, micb-bacteria
Posted by surrey_sucks on 2008.12.23 at 22:54
Current Mood: sickdisgusted
Dear public transit users,

BRUSH YOUR FUCKING TEETH! If you can't for some reason, please refrain from breathing on me. I nearly threw up this morning because your breath was so foul.

Thank you.

Stupid TransLink

Posted by merlinda2075 on 2008.11.29 at 11:30
Current Mood: angryangry
Hey, TransLink, last time I heard, animals in carriers were fine. I even confirmed this with several customer reps on the phone.

So I'm wondering why the bus driver decided to YELL at me for sitting in the seat behind him while I was transporting a feral cat to get help. Of COURSE the cat was in distress, but I had him in a fucking carrier. Of COURSE the cat was scared and was yowling and trying to get out. Of COURSE I knew where I was going (I've been doing this for a long time). And I HAVE a bus pass, paid with my own money. Did you expect me to blow 30 bucks on a cab? Or put down a few grand for a car just to transport animals in need? Or walk for about 40 blocks?

Yeah I know loud noises can be disturbing for drivers but he could have been more polite. I would have moved to the back but the seats were full. Also that seat behind the driver is good because I can hold the carrier on my lap and cats won't get so scared by strangers trying to poke their fingers through the carrier* and such!

*Please don't do this to animals in carriers. Ask the person if it is okay. If the animal is clearly in distress, it's pretty obvious that you SHOULDN'T. How would you like it if I just poked at your baby in his stroller?

Irate. Irate.

Posted by tephs on 2008.11.29 at 01:28
to the safeway customer service desk employee last night at kingsway and tyne:

thanks for lecturing us poor girls trying to get the operation christmas child boxes to fill with things for third world country children. it was great how you explained so loudly and annoyedly that you had given out all your boxes weeks ago and said that if we really wanted to help out, we should have done it sooner. thanks for trying to bum us out by telling us that safeway stores everywhere are probably all out of boxes. by the way, i found over 20 at the oakridge safeway, where the customer service desk employee happily helped me bag up several boxes for my friends and i.
if we weren't so bewildered by your attitude, i'm sure one of us would have mustered up the words to tell you that we only just found out about the program and before hitting up safeway, we just had a ton of fun at the dollar store picking out toys, school supplies and necessities for our boxes. for two of us, it's the first time we were able to donate for the less fortunate in this way, as it was our first christmas not living as starving university students with crappy part-time jobs.
i'm sorry we're slow samaritans but we're a bit new to this and it's not like we were too late to contribute. you made us feel SO great about our holiday good deeds.

W. T. F. Vancouver?

Posted by shiny_gal on 2008.11.01 at 03:07
Current Mood: pissed
Dear Douchebag,

I know your Halloween sucked cause you couldn't find any women desperate enough to go home with you, and clearly whatever drugs you snorted were bad, but that is still no reason to be a sociopath.  You came over to us on the street, all creepy-like and coked out or something, and your only reason for doing so was to stare down my boyfriend, who is the most gentle soul, and also at least 6 inches taller than you.   I include the height difference only because I am still completely dumbfounded as to what possible motivation you could have had for what you did.  I propose that you were so emasculated in his passively hunky aura that you were worried the world would learn of the your tiny member, which everything you do overcompensates for.  My boyfriend was polite to you, as was I, and you were on your way.  Only you weren't.  You deked back and punched my boyfriend in the jaw in the style that usually precedes a bar room  brawl... except the nearest people were half a block away.

It's even weirder because you were our age, so we assume you were at our party tonight.  But you were probably one of the guys doing pcp in the washroom, weren't you?  Is that why you are so crazy?  In any case, you have a tiny dick that will never satisfy a woman, and my boyfriend took your punch like a champ, and couldn't bother to get into the fight you so desperately wanted to prove your masculinity.  Too bad for you, psycho.


Dear Vancouver Police,

Thanks a lot for not stopping as I ran into the street waving and pointing to flag you down as the douchebag made his perfect getaway.  I guess you must have had something better to do than apprehend a criminal.  LIKE TALKING ON YOUR CELL PHONE. WTF.



Posted by surrey_sucks on 2008.10.16 at 11:06
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
Jesusfuckingchrist, it happened AGAIN, making this the third* time in ten days! Last night at approximately 9:26pm, just when it started to rain, I was waiting at stop #51479 again, the one in front of UBC hospital, and around 9:41pm the #41 bus that was scheduled to leave the UBC bus loop at 9:37pm went past without stopping. At least this time there was a "bus full" notice, but if buses regularly pass people late at night, during non-rush hour times because they are supposedly full, then this shows how totally inadequate our transit system is. Also, the term "full" is very subjective, each driver having a different idea of what "full" is.

For example, yesterday afternoon I unfortunately had to go home in the middle of the afternoon, and despite the #41 really being full, the driver still stopped and let me and several other people on, and only turned away people if they could not stand behind the red line. Despite being truly full for most of the trip, the driver let people on and never once passed a bus stop if someone was waiting. And this morning on the way to school, the #43 was packed as well, yet the driver still let people on even though it was so full that nearly half a dozen people were standing in front of the red line, leaning against the front ot the bus.

While it is frustrating, I understand when drivers don't stop and let people on when the bus is full, which means that everyone can't stand behind the red line. But when you can still get a few more people on if everyone moves back, then the driver should make an effort to stop and let people on. It is absolutely unacceptable to pass people without trying to get them on when it's late at night and the bus only runs every 20 or 30 minutes. If it were during the day and the buses ran more frequently, then it wouldn't be as much of a problem.

Since this is the third time in less than two weeks that the #41 did not stop late in the evening, presumably because the driver perceived that the bus was full, it is clear that there needs to be more service on this rout in the evening. Either the longer, articulated buses should be used, or frequency should be increased to at least every ten minutes.

Luckily a #480, UBC to Richmond, bus came a minute later, so I hopped on because now I just jump on any bus that stops, and by the time we got to Granville and 41st, we had just passed the #41 that had passed my stop, so I was able to transfer.

*Note: Even though this was the third time in ten days, this doesn't mean that the bus did not stop 3/10 times. It actually did not stop 3/6 or 3/5 times (making that 50% or 60% of the time), as only on five or six evenings was I waiting for a #41. The rest of those days was either a holiday or weekend, so I was not at school, or I caught the #25 which came before a #41, because I no longer trust that the #41 will stop.

By the way, join translink_sucks!


I just don't get it.

Posted by eleventytw0 on 2008.08.03 at 21:59
Last night, while taking the bus home from the fireworks, my bus got attacked 7-8 people. They started screaming and banging their fists on the windows and doors, sticking their fingers through the door trying to open it. When the bus finally started working again, they decided to kick the doors windows which, of course, shattered it.


I just wanted to get home and sleep. You assholes caused me to wait on the bus for an extra 1.5 hours. Not pleased!

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